Feb 8, 2010

What a lazy monday!

I did write about wanting this layout of the blog to be changed, but nahhhh.. I was too lazy to do anything with it.. Anyway, I want to apologise for my ignorance to update this blog. Sooo many things happen in one time, thus blogging wasn't the priority any more.

Aman (my brother) involved in accident. Not just an ordinary accident, but he was riding the motorcycle with his friend and suddenly this one huge pig/boar decided to run them down. What tha heck.. We, one family had to go back and forth between Pantai Hospital and Segamat for 3 days in a row. It was really tiring and boring as well. At least Aman wasn't that seriously injured. Just one bone fracture and no operation was needed except for his right leg to be plastered. The bright side of this incident that I could lecture Aman for everything. Before the accident, Aman was so hard to talk to. He would just walk away or make funny face or aggresively yell back at me whenever I wanted to advice on his snobbish behaviour...Huh I am BLESSED now. hahaha.

What else happen in my life? Well the company got new tenders. Oh yeahhh.. good for the company. The economy is going up right now. errr gulp!!.. that means I need to work harder and travel more. Don't get me wrong, travel is one passion but business+travel is another thing. It's tiring, rushing, and boring..Okay okay I will adapt to it later.

Ohw I spent most of my time hanging out at my gandma's house. Wahhhh it was so refreshing to just lay down, talk about boring stuff, watch korean series for hours and sleep without anyone said anything. Okay granny, your house will be my next holiday destination. Cheap and refreshing should be right theme for this holiday.

Also I met up with Yin and Joe, discussing abt the outcome of me shooting Joe's brother's wedding. Aiyak, lots of things that need to be improved. Urghhh felt like throwing all the camera and its accesories down into the river. haih.. (emotionally down a bit). Learn from the mistakes, that's what Joe told me. Yerp.. indeed I would learn from it. I guess Joe paid lots of price for my mistakes. heh, AMPUN joe!!! Janji x wat lagi.. :P

Well, its true that practise makes perfect and knowledge without practical is nothing. Okay, need to go fetch my sisters from school. (oh my, sometimes I just hate the role of first daughter.... )

Here are some candies for your eyes. So enjoy!!!

p/s: Stevenians, I miss you guys so much lately. Kinda had you guys in my dreams lately, and yeah.. I know you guys miss me too.

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