Feb 21, 2010

I hate it when people just don't remember me. Oh well. It should be fair as I don't really remember everyone as well. Anyway, my days have been terribly busy with the family issues (yah yah yah boring stuff aite..) plus work affair plus friends's hanging out fever and others.

Owh, pitah and hadi are getting married. (for those who don't know them at all, they don't start as a couple but from being just a friend and hey, miracle does happen..) So they chose me to become their wedding planner. Although it may sound harder than it is, I have fun choosing choosing the fabric, designs, mak andam, and others with them along with shiela n amir.

I tried to avoid uploading wedding pictures as much as I want more varieties in showing my pictures to public, yet I can't afford to lose the feeling of sharing the beauty of wedding pictures. ngeng. 

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