Nov 6, 2009

On the BIG BOAT and it was windy

This artistic pictures (as claimed by Comel) were taken by me and Comel himself. Sureen had to move her head around for quite some times.

Okay, so yeah.. I went to Langkawi with Sureen and Comel. Comel brought along his friends, which were 6 in total. One thing that make me L.O.V.E Sureen and Comel is their spontaneity. They love to pose in front of the camera with crazy yet creative ideas. Not to mention that Comel's friends also have the same attitude.Woooohhh

Sometimes when I was too L.A.Z.Y to bring my camera around, Comel would yell at me. Damn!

There're tons of interesting pictures with each has its own value. So I will upload them post by post according to respective theme as it's more organized, I think.
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