Sep 8, 2009

Okay, let's learn how to bake Almond London.

(No, this is not a site for baking cookies, I just love the art of photography of baking)

almond-1 Mix (or is it batter?? wasn't sure the correct term for it) 125g butter with 60g icing sugar. Then add one yellow egg and add 230g of flour. Owh add the flour bit by bit.

almond-3 Until it becomes a dough.

almond-2 Bake almond nuts

almond-4 Cover each nut with the dough.

almond-5 Put them on tray and bake them for 10~15 min @ 180 deg.

almond-6 Finally, decorated the cookies with melted chocs and colorful sprinklers.

p/s : wonder why it's called Almond London instead of Almond Malaysia. ummm
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