Jul 4, 2009

When things get tougher.

The dad said :

" If you master your major, you can be a millionaire "
" Wake up early if you want to success "

The supportive friends said :

" Get the experience with him before you become independence on your own "
" It's what you want "

The not so cool people :

" You went to US to study and ended up working with him? Might as well you don't even go to university "

Conclusion : It is true that you should mingle with people who have the same thought with you, or else, you will be pollinated. So yeah, I don't mind losing some friends rather than losing my soul. I know what I am doing, and if this path is a wrong one, so what? Let me fall and arise again. Don't tell me what to do or what not to do cause you ain't a good example either.

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