Jul 11, 2009

I am a rambler who rambles bout everything!!

Took this shot in front on Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. Wanted to try the panning skill. I guess that I still need more time to develop the real panning skill.

a). To Love Someone Unconditionally and Accept Nothing In return.

I once wrote abt this in my previous post. Yes, it's true that we all should accept someone respectfully and not hoping a high expectation. We should love and expect nothing back. However, when you don't get the respect that you think you should get, will you be able to remain to love unconditionally? I'll say that, the love will remain there, forever... and probably will fade one day. However, to be aside, waiting in pain and silence, is a big NO. Cause everyone deserves to be happy. Move on my dear, move on and do not afraid. Yes, it's a huge pain to endure alone, but life has lots more to offer. More wonderful things that you can't even think yourself. I wrote this to remind myself and others (both genders) to dare ourselves to make the best of everything and do not let sadness hold us back. We have the right to live in freedom of pain!

Took these two pictures in Japan GT in Sepang. Omg, I was in love with the cars. Drooling and evaporating!!! Okay, maybe I am not that rich to have a chance to even take a ride on these cars, but Insyallah one day I will.

b). When maturity comes at different levels.

Oh yeah, different people with different backgrounds have different levels of maturity and it's a headache to work with. So, the conclusion is just to wait and see.

p/s : really need to sleep now cause tomorrow I have to go for a site visit. Really shouldn't look so sleepy in front of the big boss.

footnote : American style, work hard and play hard. How matured are you to fully understand that concept?

These other two pictures were taken after the rafting trip at Kuala Kubu Bharu. Love the river and the picture is harmonized with the presence of the wooden jetty. Also love the repetitions of life jackets with different colors.

This last shot was taken at Ulu Yam. I love to see the serenity that is provided in this pic. How he was calmly and confidently swimming in the deep water.

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