May 8, 2009

There shouldn't be any equality between two genders.

Yeah, I am serious about this issue. No, I am not conservative. NO, definitely I ain't oppressed as what the world's media wrote about the Muslim women. (One thing that I learned about the media and press, they come in different kinds, but they share one thing in common, like to exaggerate the small fact.)

Anyway back to the main topic, let's say there is equality for both genders, which I refer to one gender from Mars and another from Venus, then this world would be in chaotic. Oh please, gender's chaos is much more worse than any war ever happened in this world. If there is equality, so

can a guy just punch a girl's face if he's mad at her?
a guy doesn't really has to prop a door for a girl? (as there will be no gentleman concern in the society)
a guy doesn't really need to carry his girlfriend's purse or her shopping bags?
and many more. No need to put more..

However, what I want to state here, although equality is just overrated as much as the Swine Flu is, but both genders should be given the same rights, the same respect and the same opportunities.

Please, don't tell me this,

" Why you said like that? You're a girl! "

So, a guy can say all the 'cool' things especially about sex and women but a girl can't even use the curse word. I smell gender discrimination here. Then come the notorious about politeness, a girl should be polite, yes I agree about it. Then, doesn't politeness is the basic value for any religion that's been taught to everyone not just specially to a girl?

Yes, equality is just OVERRATED!!!
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