May 8, 2009

Day trip to Coney Island

A lil bit intro about Coney Island for those who don't know:-

Is not really an island, it's a peninsula, in southernmost Brooklyn, NYC.
From 34th street, take the N subway train going down to Coney Island. It's the last stop, and after 45 minutes, you should be arrived there.
From its name, you could tell that there's beach around the place.

Taken from

Anyway, since I was done done with school, (YESSSS finally, I am getting my diploma after 4 years of struggle) I tagged along with Sureen and Apis to this place. I went once during freshman year, but it didn't hurt to go again, did it?

On the long boardwalk. Like the olden woods. Could see oldies cycling with their radios turned on. Quite an interesting scenery.

There's an aquarium nearby (New York Aquarium), but I wasn't sure whether it's still opened or not. Coney Island will be reconstructed for better amusement park. So most of the stores were closed on that day.

That was when Apis found a tiny crab on the sand. They played around with the crab a lit bit while I stepped back and clicked the shutter of my Rebel XT.

Surprisingly, the water wasn't that cold as we expected. Felt like wanna had myself immersed in the ocean water. Oh wait, there was a sign saying no swimming. FINE, next time maybe.

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