Apr 29, 2009

Spring springy sprinkler!

Al-Fatihah to atuk abah who had just passed away at 7-ish pm (Malaysia time). Arwah atuk could sing Japanese song cause he was forced to join Japanese army when they invaded Malaysia. Atuk liked to clean his house. Atuk liked cats. Atuk remembered my name. Atuk didnt have teeth at the front and you could clearly see it when he smiled. Atuk always rode on his motorcycle. Atuk wore kopiah on his head. Atuk used to ask me to find dandruff on his hair. I already made plan to stay a week at his house and hang out with him. I already made plan to make breakfast for atuk abah and atuk mak this summer.

I guess, this is life. Move on, that's what others say. Move on....
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