Feb 6, 2009

Get connected...

In high school, I met the same people like almost everyday. From morning till night. Went to the assembly, was the MC, greeted all the teachers, talked in the morning assembly with Mail at the front, then if lucky, got out from school and lepak2 with Tapau, Lis, Miera, Mas, and Mimah. Then got into class, hung out with Enon, Leese and Art. Sat next to Dayah Yahya and my role in class would be ask few random questions to teachers and sleep. Recess time, I would meet upperclassmen and lowerclassmen. Gossiped and 'kepochi' about other people's businesses. If lucky again, got out from school again. Haha. It's the same cycle with different routines. The same people with different places and topics. We got to exchange eveything that we know. About family, life, friends, foe, lovers and etc. I was attached with lots of people back then. Guess what? We are still friends and keep in touch till now. If you ask me whose my best buddies in high school, I could name lots of names.

Now, with different community and different roles, I could careless with being connected. It's just so hard to keep up with everything. Not that I want to be selfish. It's just things change so fast that sometimes make me just not to care anymore.

Tuesday, Wedsnesday and Thursday morning would be my working time. I'm meeting with different students (around 50 students) with 2 different professor, and 2 other TAs. Talked about college life with them, how one subject is differed than others etc and sharing tips how to ace in school. Also, I still have connection with my previous students as well.

Then in my senior design group, at first, all i want is just to have a decent relationship, like go to meeting, do your work and that's it. Done! But hey, life is more complicated than that. I learnt about people's taste and preference, their hobbies, their lifestyle and their families. We gave advice to each other and be supportive as well.

Then the fencing team. After a year and a half in the team, I got attached with some than others. We went to lunch and dinner together. Sometimes I got email or text bout helping out in stuffs in school

Another work, I program LabVIEW for ME department, got attached with Yosif, a wise man and Prof Jan as well. We'll share stories about families, places to go, economy and other random stuffs.

Not to mention, different class means different people to meet. Also mean different stories to share. There are also some random friends that we got to know each other in different events.

Last but not least, of course my Malaysian community in Stevens that need nothing to explain.

Most of my American friends keep saying that I am too quiet for their first impression. Well, trust me, it's freaking hard to keep up with the new connections while maintaining the presence and preserve the old ones. So most of the time, I chose to stay low

Once in a while, those connections make my life crazy, but that makes my life interesting right.

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