Jan 31, 2009

Once upon a time..

Remember that I keep having flashback. One of them was during assembly in Segamat High School. I was a prefect back then. I was in form 1 as well. The assembly was at the end of school time (I had evening session class, so our assembly would be right before we got back to home). The assembly was right before holiday due to eid. At that time, people were changing their addresses and phone numbers so that we could exchange eid cards with each other.

I was in charge at the Khas Agama classes row. I was at the guy row. There's this someone who smiled at me. We introduced ourselves at that time (well, by reading each other nametag. haha). Then the song of Negaraku was played, but he kept moving towards his bag and he gave me his namecard (alar, the card that you paid rm3 and you'll get 12 creative namecards.)There was a motorbike on his namecard with yellow background color.(I still have the namecard though).

He kept talking or shall I say whispering since we couldn't actually talk when assembly was hold. He still whispering even though Cikgu Goh was around. Yeah, I was kecut perut when Cikgu Goh was around, damn, prefect were caught in action talking to a student during assembly. Lucky for me, he din't notice us.

So, I remembered that feeling ( I thought he was sweet at that time, to go all the hassle just to give me his namecard. haha) till now. Never once I forget that moment.

I had no idea that me and that someone could still be in contact. I had no idea at all. I had no idea that one day that someone could always be around me, listen to my problems and gave me the best advice ever in the world.

For now, I have no idea what is the future for both of us. I am scared to picture the future, and to plan anything. Yet, I hate to just go with the flow.

So all the best la for both us.
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