Jun 18, 2010

When Love Birds Make Love..

It's been while since my last time writing in this blog.. Aishhhhh so sorry my dear friends that i've been very busy with my works and other duties that updating this blog just cant be a priority anymore. Anyway, anyhow, i want to show to all the happiness of my two dearest friends. Both of them were friends of mine since high school, and they were married on the 5th of June 2010. I wish for their future would be filled with joys and laughters. Aminnnn..

A brief story bout them. Some of their friends (girls esp) came in and wearing pink maxi dress. (well, it was actually planned. hehe). So since the theme was pink, and the girls were in pink maxi dress, everything just looked so smooth and pretty. The event was small since the real reception would be done in October, yet the bride's house was fulled with friends and relatives. It was a good day with good weather.

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