Mar 25, 2010

On the last day of her engagement.. Safitah Adilah

Another friend was married, and another friend was enggaged. Congrats to both. Anyway, Amir, Shila, Hana, Eki and me were there at Pitah's house to help out as much as we could (and eat of course.. owh pitah's mom is a superb at cooking.. walaweh.. hehehe)
The task was to do the goody bags.

So we kinda set up our own system. We called it Pengkhususan (errr, dalam KH ada belajar la..).. hehehe.
p/s: ooppss, someone was sticking his nose. camera in action. lalala~

In the goody bag should have a cup cake (nyummmsss), a coconut jelly (nyummylicious..) and a snack.

Ahhh Shila and Pitah did nothing actually but they were just pretending that they were busy so that they cud be in the camera. haha

The goody bags... uuuuu nyummmmmyyyyyy :D

The volunteer workers.

See, i told you. they did nothing!

Anyway, will update more with pitah's engagement day.

p/s: I feel like to upload as many pictures as I have cause I ain't doing them any good at all.
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