Jan 4, 2010

Happy New Year to me..

I spent my New Year Eve in front of OCBC and went posing and shooting at the same time. Gotta love the REDNESS of the OCBC's ID. i used my friend's camera cause i was too lazy to bring mine. ( Did I tell you for many-many times that I enjoy laziness sooo mmuuucchhhh..)

Anyway, I love the opening of 2009 2010 cause I know I need to bounce back and fight for what I want.

1) I know the meaning of L.

L for Luxury
L for Lamborghini
L for Lucky
L for Less Is More
L for Lasting
L for Large
L for Lantakla

2) I got two things in mind that I want before 2010 ends

L series Lens - wide angle
Upgrade body

3) King Midas Mitos. heheh

4) Better person (actually wanted to write 'aim for perfection', but I know that would just be too overrated.. so nahhh...)

5) Another thing, more creative and pro-active.
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