Aug 20, 2009

Rambling rambling rambling

It's been a while that i haven't been rambling bout myself.

I am an extraordinary girl which I believe that I always am.

Met alif yesterday at Old Taste and we talked a lot bout our fathers. Apparently our fathers know each other. That reminded me lots of things; of my dream, of my goal and of how much I have changed through out the years. Although I am still not a perfect girl, yet I am improving or at least instill the nawaitu to change to a better cause.

Few months later, when I read few books about the mind set of rich people; their key to success and their definiton of rich. I learnt one thing, they have the same mind set of someone who I know whom will be explained later on. From what I read, those people had been through failures and hardships. That's how they learnt from their mistakes and be financially independence. For me, I am not perfectionist nor I am workaholic. However, I HATE failures and am willing to work hard to get what I want. I read and read about this matter until I finally decided to find a mentor who can guide me and reduce any failures risk (cause I just HATE failures).

I asked my dad, a person who I mentioned above, who has the same mindset of rich people, what's his definition of business. He explained business is like a growing tree. If you want to have a strong tree, you must have a strong root. He also explained bout liquid asset (hope that I quote that correctly, haha) and cash flow but not in details which got me perplexed for quite some time.

We responded through email for few times until I asked his permission to work with him so that I could learn about business from him.(it wasnt easy for him either to allow me to work with him, and he was indirectly asked me to go looking for a job at different place that is more prestigious than his company. nevertheless, i am not thirst for prestige, I thirst to learn the art of business in engineering)

I am still young, and I know the importance of asset and knowledge at this point. So what I want to do know is to collect both in full depth. Furthermore, I get direct exposure from my own dad.

So, here I am, 'stuck' in Segamat, working with a construction company although my degree was mechanical. I got many destructive critiques about me working with my own dad. People who just don't know abt the truth. People who just like to comment without wanting to support my desicion. At first, those comments strucked me so badly.

" eleh.. belajar penat2 kat overseas, pastu keje ngn ayah. watpe la.. "
" amboi, keje ngn ayah sendiri, baik xyah p universiti. lepas SPM terus je keje."
" nape nak keje ngn ayah? kroni seyhhh "
" amik mekanikal, pastu keje civil. ape laa.. "

Things get worse when my someone didn't really support my desicion as well. ( and I know that you read this.. and i want you to know that it did hurt me so badly whenever we talked abt different decisions that i could go instead of working with my dad. however, I am no one to put blame on you cause i never explain the fully details of why I took this decision. )

Luckily, there were also many constructive comments from friends at the same time.Love all of you who gave me full supports!! xoxo

" jeles aku ngn kau, kau dpt direct exposure dari bapak kau "
" bagusla keje ngn ayah, kembangkan business famili "
" belajar lu ngn ayah, then nanti bole wat business sendiri "
" best giler keje ngn ayah sendiri.. "

Although, I have no office hours like the rest of other people, I need to finish up my works regardless of what time it is.Sometimes I had to spend the whole day 'sun-bathing' at the site. Yes, it's tiring but I found it fun.

There goes my spill about the beginning of my career.
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