Jul 13, 2009

Site Visit at Chini

When I was a student, I kept writing about the student life. Now, of course it will be more about my work right. Okay okay , I promise that I'll make it interesting and not boring.

I got a call from my Boss yesterday asking me to go to a site visit at Fleda Chini 2. I was like gulp.. "Where is that?". Chini is about 2 hours from here. Mannn, the site visit was at 10.30 am, so I needed to start driving at least 8.30 am.

Unfortunately, I woke up late and had some issues with the car. Yelah, it's a ten year old car. Checked the lubrication oil tank, and damn, need to be refilled. Cursed myself quietly, but at least I got to use my boss's car. Yes, bigger one and even better.

I thought that driving more than 120 km/h would save time and I would be on time.(I was late 15 minutes) However, not fully true cause that won't be the case if you were stuck behind huge trucks. Anyway, the driving was not really a challenge (luckily I drove the boss's car, better acceleration and better view, so it was easy to over pass other cars).

Skipped the site visit part, after everything was done, I went to Lake Chini. Well, got my DSLR, might as well paid the Lake a visit and took some pics. (I am not that crazy to drive up to two hours to Lake Chini for some pics next time, might as well do it now!) I wasn't lucky enough this time as the Lake's area was in renovation mode. Everywhere is nothing but bricks and sands. Nobody was there except for construction workers. (Was expecting to enjoying drinking cofee on the boat house) So I walked near the Lake, snapped some old boats, then drove back to Segamat. Would post some pics later.

p/s: I need to start working out again. Perhaps jogging around Rock Garden every evening. Wish I could run with my DSLR so that I could snap some interesting moments around Rock Garden, but nahhh. Too much hassle. Jogging today? Anyone?

footnote : Actually I want to say that I am impressed with the respect that the engineers and contractors had given to me during all the site visits and surveys although I was the only girl on the team and construction arena is mostly monopolized by guys.Alhamdulillah..
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