Jul 3, 2009

The Reunion

It's been almost 6 years since I left Segamat High School. Nevertheless, I never forget to keep in touch with friends. Sometimes I wonder how we could keep up with the current life and still engage to the old one. Perhaps it's what we had shared that hold us together. So, yeah, the full story is that to have a big gathering, like a formal one for days. Maybe over the weekend, or a formal dinner at the hotel or somewhere nice. Then, the idea won't build itself to the success. Need someone to really push it to the end. So, there we go, no huge reunion, but an informal one in One Utama. We sent out text to any available friends in our contacts. Some showed up, some only sent their regards and some were missing in action. It was great experience to get together and hang out again. For some moments, we were clueless about places to go or things to do. It's just proved how a big city as KL doesn't really has much to do. haha After lunch at A&W (forced violently by Cik Enon), we went to the Curve for karaoke-ing. Mann, the price was RM25 per head for three hours. That's ripping off my money dude! So yeah, the price was the issue (at least for me! ) so we went to Miera's place at Ampang instead for helping her out with moving her stuff to Serdang. Woahh, lucky for her that she has 3 cars come to help. hehe Then after headed to Serdang (okay, not to forget about a bit of sesat around damansara and some ugly traffics), we went for dinner and spent the rest of the night at Putrajaya. Hung out there until we were chased out from the area. (yes, you are not allowed to be in the compound after midnight. woahhh,really?? in a way it's a good prevention for some stupid couples to make love at the dark corner)

Okay, enough of writing, here are some of the chosen pictures from the reunion. There were lots more of good pics, but less is always better aite?

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