Apr 9, 2009


Perhaps I was wrong all this time. I thought that I was right and everything could be fine. I had a dream but I forgot about few stuff. Then, when he said something, i was in shocked. no way. no way. i was in denial for few days. slammed doors. stomped on my feet. rough to my students. quietly sulking and thinking of not going back again. if he knows me better, he should know that will crush me. like literally crush me. Finally today, I got the courage to face it. I should have listened and be patient. Wait for few years more won't hurt me. Let maturity takes control when the time comes and not to lose to my own 'young blood'.

p/s : the sentence may not that bad as it sound. Also, it's not related to my friends. hahaha. sorry for any misunderstanding.

Took this at central park when I was lying down on the grass under the sun.Got other great pictures but too lazy to edit and upload them. Wait till I have some time.

p/s : I want to do businesses (like a big corporation) with friends as my partners at the young age. Then define young age? 45 can still consider young if you take 60 as old. hurmmm..

anyone interested?? :D
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